How much for #715?

Bidding on the Barry Bonds homerun ball #715 started this afternoon on eBay. The bidding starts at $10,000. The last Barry Bonds “milestone” ball (#700) went for $804,129 back in October 2004. Something tells me that this ball won’t go for anywhere near that amount. My prediction: $50,000. In unrelated news, Mr. Bonds turned 42 (!) today.7/25 Update:

The bidding is off to a very slow start. 6 bids so far and the latest offer is only $11,500.

7/26 Update:

OK, so much for my prediction. 42 bids now and the price is up to $125K with 8 days left on the auction.


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First Place Giants

I had a great time at the Giants game Saturday night. A warm summer night and the Giants won their fifth straight and moved into first place in the NL West, a half game ahead of the Padres. How long will it last??? More photos here.

7/26 Update:

Well, that didn’t last very long. Three straight losses, two blown saves from Blownitez in the last three games and the Giants are now in third place, three games behind the Padres. Argh!

First Place Giants

Zooomr 2.0 has launched

After a rough week for the upstart photo sharing site (they cancelled their re-launch last Friday due to a denial-of-service attack), Zooomr 2.0 is now available. I haven’t spent a lot of time on their yet but so far I’m impressed. The geotagging function is great. On the photo shown below you can see a map on the right that shows the location of the photo. Just below that you can see other photos that were taken in the same geographical area.

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