Dark Side of the Rainbow

Someone has posted a video of The Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon as the soundtrack. I first heard about this back in the late 90’s (’98?). Funny how these things come back around again. The best sequence is the 8 minute mark to the 20 minute mark.

7/20/06 Update:

Google has rolled out a new feature that allows you to link to specific time markers in a video. Try it out by clicking on the time markers below…

1) 8:07. The wicked witch arrives at the exact same time that the bells go off.

2) 14:45. The music turns ominous when the sky darkens and the winds begin to pick up.

3) 16:00. Intense female vocals start when Dorothy starts to run around, avoiding objects that have been picked up by the strong winds.

4) 17:15. The music starts to die down and the vocals become calmer when Dorothy gets knocked out by the blown in window.

5) 18:29. The female vocals intensify again when Dorothy sees the witch on her bike.

6) 19:31. The sounds of the cash register start after Dorothy opens the door and the movie switches from black & white to color.

This site has a more complete list of things to look for.