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UCSB Buzzer Beater – Fans storm the court

I’ve blogged before about how UCSB students love to celebrate their infrequent athletic accomplishments. It happened again last night. UCSB renewed their old college hoops rivalry with UNLV last night. The Gauchos actually won on a buzzer-beater. In true UCSB fashion, the fans reacted like they had just won the NCAA tournament and stormed the court. Roll the video…

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Tracking “Thankful” on Twitter

About a half hour ago I saw this on Twitter from @misc:

tracking “thankful.” call me a hopeless sap but there’s something heartwarming about all that gratitude & happiness streaming in.

I decided to do the same. Here’s a snapshot of what people on Twitter are feeling thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

me: track thankful
twitter: You’ll now receive updates matching ‘thankful’. To stop, send ‘untrack thankful’.

(andreamercado): Thankful for friends, life, and staying in a hotel for 2 nights.
(inateapot): happy thanksgiving, all. so much to be thankful for!
(davidj): Happy Turkey Day! Love your families and count your blessings. Today is a day to remember all that you have to be thankful for.
(anitamartini): Thankful that someone else is nice enough to cook for us today.
(lejonprime): I am thankful, for family and friends, a job and home, an imagination and places to use it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
(iamcrissy): Thankful for life, health, and the love that surrounds me!
(jennyhow): What are you thankful for today?
(iamcrissy): Thankful for Jesus Christ saving me from further self destruction and making me brand new! Love you Lord!
Sent at 9:19 AM on Thursday
twitter: (mysterymika101): am thankful canine Ruby made it back home after sniff through the neighborhood now she insists2b carried up/down 3 flights her paw z hurt
(misc): thankful that i can think of so much to be thankful for that if i posted it all i’d probably lose half my followers [wink]
(Yxes): Happy T-day to my US tweets! G’day to all the rest of youz! I’m thankful for you ALL. xoxo
(roswellsgirl): Every day, everywhere should be a day to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are….[smile]
(sandysage): Happy Thanksgiving to all! I have so much to be thankful for and you all top the list!
(itsbriiibaby): Happy thanksgiving everyone in the us and i suppose everyone else too…it’s always good to be thankful. updates on everything later [heart]
(mysterymika101): that dog weighs about 25lbs it is good exercise for me- I am thankful for poor Ruby the diva allergy bladder stoned dog
(wordwill): Thankful: Coffee and Pie. (More as I am thankful.)
(RAYNBOOOsocks): So I can do this from my e-mail? Awesome!
I have sooo much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!
God is sooo awesome!
(joepemberton): Thankful for yum yum.
Sent at 9:25 AM on Thursday
twitter: (ElectricSoul): Happy Thanksgiving everybody. What are you thankful for?
Sent at 9:26 AM on Thursday
twitter: (AaronMarshall): Thankful that some pilgrims and some indians managed to get along.
(Mokey): Rob, my fish, cat, dog, home, brother, parents, family, friends, VidMos, NaNo, job, books, music, theatre…What are you guys thankful for?
Sent at 9:27 AM on Thursday
twitter: (mysterymika101): thankful to see my children growin up/ told my sons to keep living when I have passed like Kanye West said his mom wouldn’t want him cancel
(flyingg): I’m thankful i know good people like each of you. Happy Thanksgiving!
(CindyNG): Surfing the web on Thanksgiving – thankful for the web!
(gparmer): Headed to n-laws for turkey. I certainly have lots to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving all!
(richhand): Happy Thanksgiving to all. Baking smells filling the house. Thankful for love, life and laughing.
(misc): thankful for my computer. even though i talk a lot of shit about me, it does so much for me, and has seen me through thick and thin. [smile]
(CoachBart): I am thankful to have befriended and bonded with two very special people in my life who I love unconditionally, Jared and Crissy.
(darrylw4): An FTF! Something else to be thankful of today.
(sillygoat76): I’m thankful for a healthy family, a good job, my tractor and a reasonably sane (most of the time) life.
(CindyNG): Ready to go visit my brother’s family to day! Thankful for him and them!
(GrammarGirl): Thinking thankful thoughts for my friends (online and offline), family, health, and luck.
(arstechnica): [Front Page] Six things to be thankful for in technology, 2007 –
(davidbadash): Is thankful 4 friends who wake him up too early to go to the gym
Sent at 9:31 AM on Thursday
twitter: (absolutwade): America is taking the day off to be thankful. See? we still have a soul.
Sent at 9:33 AM on Thursday
twitter: (billiejeane): How I do live some turky and butterscotch cookies. I am thankful for my family. A group of people who’s love stays consistant. My Love’s.
(ericatgimptv): Happy Thanksgiving everyone, very thankful for my family, friends and my new fiance!
(clevelandrachel): I’m thankful for my soar muscles after the 5 mile turkey trot!
(rjbudke): Things I’m Thankful For: Hi Def TV
(MYN): Just a quick Happy Thanksgiving and Aloha to everybody before I head down to the beach!! I’m thankful for all you twitteratti.
Sent at 9:36 AM on Thursday
twitter: (Suki_MHC05): @newmediajim Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving. My mum said 2 tell u she is thankful there are people such as u bringing us the news on holidays.
Sent at 9:37 AM on Thursday
twitter: (flotsamjeffsam): Twins Fans Wait to See What They Should be Thankful For
(LeStew): ahhhhh…too much stuff to be thankful about!!
(techpickles): thankful for friends, family, and all things computer and interblarg related
(FANLESS): At this moment, I am thankful for Anberlin!
Sent at 9:42 AM on Thursday
twitter: (Natalto): Awww!! I’m so thankful for you too baby! I love you!!
Sent at 9:43 AM on Thursday
twitter: (marianas): I’m thankful for: family, friends, books, TV, NaNo, VidMos, my dog Sam, the internet, my home, food, & so much more
Sent at 9:46 AM on Thursday
twitter: (Flap): is THANKFUL. (from Facebook status)
(itsparis): happy thanksgiving everyone! i’m thankful for all of you and all of this!
(engrish): Podcastjunky_uk: In addition I who appreciate am not turkey today: -): podcastjunky_uk: Also thankful I’m..
(Tojosan): @hotdogsladies what an image. [smile]
(savvysuzy): Let me know what you’re “Thankful” for:
JasonCalacanis: what are you thankful for online?
(grobertson): I’m thankful for too much to list. Cheers and happy to all my friends!
(pfunder): I’m thankful for huge zip lock bags for brining 25 lbs turkeys.
(alexknowshtml): laundry put away (something to be thankful for, for sure), almost ready to head back to mom’s for food and family-time.
(PMSHarlequin): Happy Day of gluttony, football, family and friends! I’m thankful for meeting great people like you! Happy Thanksgiving!
twitter: (puppybraille): Feeling thankful that my BP and heart rate are normal, and the patch seems like it is worth continuing to persue.
(planetsab): @JasonCalacanis thankful for The Gang [nose wink]
(Oiche_Shamhna): Thankful for The big chair from Jeff and High def Go Green Bay
(Dayngr): @JasonCalacanis I’m thankful for old friends and new and those who go out of their way to help others through their online experience!
(NathanaelG): I’m thankful for the awesome cold weather, vidmos, NANO!!! EVEYTHING!!!
(misc): thankful for rock and roll!
(schulz): I’m thankful my girls are both healthy
(PodcastJunky): @Barely I’m thankful for a husband who is not into football. He’s watching “Cars” with the kids.
(schulz): I’m thankful for kimberly
(tkdblackbelt): Food with gravy and pie…how could I not be thankful!
(CathyBrooks): [seesmic] What does it mean to be thankful? –
(cortland): From my blog: Thanksgiving 2007: I have a ton of things to be thankful for this year – Kris..
(hellyes0): I’m thankful for having woken up so late. And the fact that I finally might feel better if just rest today.
(jennimi): Alice and the rest of the boys on the Group W Bench are thankful for life.
(jennimi): Alice and the rest of the boys on the Group W Bench are thankful for life.
(mjyazzie): Thankful for Pierre Herme white truffle macarons in Paris. Yum!
(mager): Doing laundry, and pretending to clean my room. Thankful for independence.
(susanreynolds): Brunch done, football watching continueth. I’ll be thankful if we can keep micro-management man out of the kitchen for just an hour or two..
(chris2x): Five Things I am Thankful For
(nzle): I am thankful for my new gold lame leggings and silver lame track jacket, as well as my black sequined miniskirt and white eyelet minidress.
(etesla): Thankful for stamina, sweeties, imrpoved health, an end in sight, new beginnings, future adventures, and never being bored.
(jeremyvaught): New blog post: Happy Thanksgiving, a few people I’m thankful for
Sent at 9:58 AM on Thursday
twitter: (GaryLaPointe): HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!: Drive Safe! Eat Lots! And don’t forget to Be Thankful! I know like can get cr..
(jasonvo): Happy Thanksgiving to all in the U.S.! I’m thankful for friends and am amazed at how many great friends I have made through social media.
(cedorsett): Deus ex Machina is #6 and Night Terror is #7 bestselling Scifi Shorts at Amazon, I am so thankful, Black Moon Rising not listed yet
(rikomatic): BLOG: Muchisimas graçias, salamat, merci buckets — Feeling Thankful
(JesseStay): Today I am thankful for time to spend with my family
(misc): thankful twitter is working today, more or less! [wink]
(DouglasSarine): I am thankful for food…and each of you. Seriously good stuff…you guys too.
Sent at 10:04 AM on Thursday
twitter: bpm140: Thankful for my wonderful wife, beautiful children, fantastic friends and all the great opportuities I’m lucky to have. Happy Thanksgiving!
twitter: (wasabineko): Venture Bros. Season 3 not premiering until June ;~; Well played, announcing on the “just be thankful” day. Well played indeed.
(noebie): being thankful for 28) faith, and those who have kept it
Sent at 10:07 AM on Thursday
twitter: (tychay): I have a lot to be thankful for; I hope you do to. Thank you!
(bryc3): thankful for all the hard work of @tempo, @monstro, @jah, @merci, @suttree and all other non-twitter portfolio peeps!
(schulz): I’m thankful for Kyra and Zoe
twitter: (jasonhe): Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Right now, I’m thankful for having the opportunity to sleep 12 hours last night.
(essl): I’m thankful for prescription pain killers and Back To The Future.
(rjbudke): Things I’m Thankful For: The greatest dog in the world
(alexknowshtml): hey internet friends, i’m thankful for all of you!
(joshbandyface): Im thankful for all of you guys. Happy thanksgiving!
Sent at 10:13 AM on Thursday
twitter: (flawedartist): Happy thankgiving everyone! If there’s one thing I’m really thankful for, it’s for the beautiful friends I have (that means you Vince)