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Week of 11/21/11 – Tech News Roundup

It was a light news week because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here’s the video for the new Google Search iPad app:

Week of 11/14/11 – Tech News Roundup

Apple and Google made major music announcements this week. Apple finally rolled out iTunes Match and Google made Google Music available to everyone and opened up a Music Store. Amazon started shipping the Kindle Fire.

Google Music

The introductory video from Google:

 iTunes Match created this iTunes Match Ultimate Walkthrough.

Kindle Fire

Amazon shipped the Kindle Fire earlier this week. Kevin Tofel from GigaOm has a good write-up on the mixed reviews for this product.

Positive reviews:

Negative reviews:
Other news this week

Week of 11/7/11 – Tech News Roundup – Google launches Google+ Pages

Google launched Google+ Pages to allow companies and brands to connect with their customers. Danny Sullivan (SearchEngineLand) wrote a thorough overview. You can create a new Google+ page here.

This is the introductory video from Google:

Many people were excited about this announcement, but there were some critics. Some common complaints were:

  • It’s not designed for large companies who have multiple people managing the account (Robert Scoble)
  • It’s too easy to claim a brand that isn’t yours (ITWorld)

My take? Hopefully the Google+ team is listening closely and will address these issues in the near future.

If you’re looking for companies & brands to circle on Google+, just type in “+” followed by the brand name in the Google+ search box. Here are some brands that I’ve circled:
Google+, This Week In Tech (TWiT), TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, NPR, NPR Fresh Air, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, WIRED, San Francisco Giants.

Other Tech News This Week

Rock Health – Class of 2011 Demo Day

Rock Health is a new seed accelerator for health startups. It’s like a Y Combinator for healthcare. This is how they describe their program on their About page:

Do you have an idea or startup that’s working to solve a health-related issue? Apply to join Rock Health, a group of dedicated individuals working to catalyze innovation in the interactive health space, and gain to access our unrivaled community of experts and seed-accelerator program.
Startups partake in an intensive 5-month program, turning ideas into products and businesses. Our next class will begin in January 2012.

A few of days ago, their class of 2011 presented at Rock Health’s first “Demo Day” in San Francisco. I didn’t attend the event but I was able to follow some of it on Twitter by searching the #rockdemo hashtag. Many of these companies are still early stage and haven’t publicly launched their products yet.

Here’s a rundown of the companies that presented.

1.Cake Heath

The best free way to manage your healthcare expenses

Twitter: @cakehealth

2. Omada Health

We’re revolutionizing health care through group-based programs for chronic disease prevention.

3. BigEvidence

The universe of medical evidence – at your fingertips

4. Skimble

Fun mobile applications that help you stay healthy & fit

Mobile App: App Store, Android Marketplace

Twitter: @skimble

5. Genomera

We’re crowd-sourcing health discovery by helping anyone create group health studies.

Twitter: @genomera

6. WeSprout

Parenting is tough! Whether you’re facing a fever or potty training, WeSprout helps you make great decisions. We safely monitor your child’s health records and give you access to resources, useful data, and a community of parents who’ve been there before.

Twitter: @WeSprout


Cardio doesn’t have to be boring

Twitter: @BitGym

8. Pipette

Spot medical patterns. Reduce complications.

Twitter: @UsePipette

9. HeartBeat

What makes your heartbeat?

Twitter: @heartbeat

10. BrainBot

Train your brain to be calm and focused

Twitter: @BrainBot

11. CellScope

CellScope uses patent-pending optical attachments to turn smartphones into a diagnostic-quality imaging systems for telemedicine, skincare and education.

Twitter: @CellScope

12. Crohnology

The Crohn’s & Colitis Patient-to-Patient Information Sharing Platform

Twitter: @Crohnology

12. HealthInReach

Pay out of pocket. Save big.

Twitter: @HealthInReach


Week of 10/31/11 – Tech News Roundup

This was a heavy week for new product launches and major revisions of existing products.

After months of private beta, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz launched Asana, a collaboration tool. From the blog post:

Asana is a modern web application that keeps teams in sync, a shared task list where everyone can capture, organize, track, and communicate what they are working on in service of their common goal. Rather than trying to stay organized through the tedious grind of emails and meetings, teams using Asana can move faster and do more — or even take on bigger and more interesting goals.

Milk (Kevin Rose’s new company) launched their new iPhone app called OINK. This app allows you to rate anything: a hamburger in a local restaurant, a TV show, your favorite tea, a salad, etc.

Massive Health, a mobile health startup that had been in stealth mode for several months, launched an app called The Eatery. Someone on Twitter described it as “Hot or Not for your Mac ‘N Cheese”. You post photos of your food and people rate the food on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the healthiest. The Eatery keeps track of your food scores and gives you a rating of how you’ve been eating this week.

Ex-Engadet editor Joshua Topolsky launched a new gadget site from called The Verge.

Yahoo launched a couple of iPad apps: Livestand  (Flipboard competitor) and IntoNow (video discovery).

Apple released GarageBand for the iPhone. ($4.99 on iTunes)

Jawbone started selling the Up – a $99 wristband that tracks your fitness and your sleeping habits. Up includes an iPhone app that tracks your eating habits by encouraging you to take photos of your food and asking you how you felt a couple of hours after eating.

Sphero, a robotic ball that you can control using a smartphone – is available for pre-order ($129).

The Ball. Evolved. from GoSphero on Vimeo.

And finally, Google made a couple of Gmail announcements. First, they rolled out a new, cleaned up version of Gmail. Overall, the new design was pretty well received, although some people complained that the spacing of messages was too wide. If you prefer the spacing from the old design, you can change it using the Display Density setting.

The other Gmail announcement was a mess. On November 2nd, Google announced their rumored Gmail app for iPhone. Within minutes of the announcement, people were complaining about an error message that shows up when you log in. There were also complaints that the app itself was underwhelming. Google ended up pulling the app from the App Store and almost a week later, the app still isn’t available, causing some people to wonder:

Other news this week: