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links for 2009-10-31

  • “Quieter is the new quiet,” apparently. Despite calls for the whisper-folk pair to make Øye’s house and techno background more apparent, Declaration of Dependence doubles down on hushed Scandinavian understatement. No drums, unless you count slapped fretboards or squeaking fingers: just two voices, two acoustic guitars, and occasional cello, viola, or one-finger piano plinks. Along with sharper songwriting focus, this go-for-broke softness makes for the most durable, rewarding Kings of Convenience album yet– a Pink Moon to past efforts’ Five Leaves Left. Barring a last-minute José González surprise, it’s also probably the best new full-length of its style you’ll hear this year.”

Radiohead at Outside Lands Festival (August 2008)

Radiohead at Outside Lands Festival

I finally got a chance to see Radiohead live at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival on Friday. This was one of the best live shows that I’ve ever seen despite some audio problems.
Here are some video highlights. My camera was pretty shaky but the audio quality isn’t too bad.

Radiohead Plays Outside Lands Festival from Michael Doeff on Vimeo.

Audio from this show:

15 Step (Live at Outside Lands)

Reckoner (Live at Outside Lands)

Best Music of 2005

Gotham Gal has posted a great list of albums from 2005. I found a couple other good lists here, and here.

All of these great year-end music lists got me to thinking that subscription-based music services like Rhapsody are totally worth it if you like to listen to a lot of new music. All but one of the albums on the Gotham Gal list (the Bright Eyes album) are available on Rhapsody. I dumped all of the other albums from her list into a Rhapsody playlist and – bam! – just like that, I’m enjoying all kinds of new tunes for less than the cost of a CD.