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TiVo NCAA Sweet 16 Recording = FAIL

It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and then I see an error message on TiVo that I’ve never seen before. And with my luck, it usually happens on an important recording.

Earlier today, I set up my trusty TiVo to record the Sweet 16. I pulled up the recording from the Now Playing list and everything looked OK…


But when I tried to play the recording I got this error message, which I have NEVER seen before. This was a total and complete FAIL by TiVo.


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Filter FriendFeed by Service

I’ve become a huge fan of FriendFeed over the past couple of weeks (my FriendFeed page is here). Today I came across a great Greasemonkey script that allows you to filter your Friendfeed “river of news” by service. For example, you can cut down your news feed to only show Flickr photos, YouTube videos, entries, etc. I was so impressed by this script that I created a short screencast. You can get the Greasemonkey script at Internet Duct Tape.

Demo of Filter FriendFeed by Service from Michael Doeff on Vimeo.