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  • "…we are seeing many companies looking at their cash balances and burn rates and deciding to cut burn to increase runway. We've done an exercise with our own portfolio that I wanted to share with all of you. I am calling it the survival matrix."
  • "When the service first appeared a couple of years ago, its appeal seemed largely limited to narcissists who wanted to let everybody know what they were doing in real time. But, like blogs and social-networking sites, Twitter is starting to cross into the mainstream, as a wide range of people find interesting uses for the brief notes."
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  • "To preserve cash, many tech start-ups are rushing to lay off employees and cut expenses. They are shelving their dreams of Google-size riches and getting small, humble and thrifty, all with the more modest goal of surviving the coming economic winter."

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  • "Of course, one man’s trivia may be another man’s must-know scoop. For every reader bored by a tweeter’s updates on his daily doings, there’s another who’s delighted to learn that their friend is taking up the cello or buying a new computer. Sorgatz uses his feed in part to keep up with friends who live in other states: “It’s kind of ‘ambient friendship,’” he says, “I learn about what they’re doing from these little pieces of information I pick up. I feel more connected to them…It’s part of their life, what they’re thinking about.” "
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