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links for 2008-11-13

  • "The panel topic was inspired by recent blog rants by Jason Calacanis, Robert Scoble and Michael Arrington, all of whom have taken potshots at the PR industry as unnecessary or broken in the new social media order.

    Of course, as was the intent, their pieces caused a teapot-tempest in the sector, although I said at the start of the panel that I was not so sure that PR folks should bite at this particular bait from a trio of bloggers well known for liking to start controversial debates.

    In any case, it was a good discussion to a packed audience about what the implications of social media are for the PR business–essentially, fewer press releases and more Twitters!

    My take was that as much as things have changed, little actually has and that social media was not going to turn a weak pitch into a strong one."

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links for 2008-11-12

  • “I've known for some time the risks inherent in owning Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI), but never in my right mind did I think the company would fail, leaving shareholders with nothing but a worthless stock certificate.

    And yet here we are today with SIRI trading for 25 cents per share and a market capitalization of less than $800 million. Investors are expecting the worst with SIRI. All that remains is pure speculation on survival or failure.

    It really comes down to that simple question: Will SIRI make it?

    If the answer is yes, then investors can still reap a tremendous reward. If the answer is no, investors will lose everything.”

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