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Giants 2012 Post Season Videos / Photos / Links

Giants Parade (SF Chronicle)

My view of Hunter Pence getting the crowd going with the “slow clap”

We Are Giants (SF Chronicle)

We Are Giants from San Francisco Chronicle on Vimeo.

Giants Fans Celebrate on Chestnut Street

Crowd reaction to the final out at Civic Center

Giants NLCS Game 7 Win set to the music of Explosions In The Sky

NLCS Game 7 from Sara on Vimeo.

UCSB Buzzer Beater – Fans storm the court

I’ve blogged before about how UCSB students love to celebrate their infrequent athletic accomplishments. It happened again last night. UCSB renewed their old college hoops rivalry with UNLV last night. The Gauchos actually won on a buzzer-beater. In true UCSB fashion, the fans reacted like they had just won the NCAA tournament and stormed the court. Roll the video…

Barry Bonds won’t set foot in the Hall of Fame if the #756 home run ball has an asterisk

From this San Francisco Chronicle article

Barry Bonds, in an interview with TV broadcaster Jim Gray, said that if the Hall of Fame displayed the No. 756 home run ball with an asterisk on it, he would not appear at the Hall ever, even if he was inducted to it.

More coverage from ESPN.


I am not a fan of the Rockies but I need to tip my hat to what they have done since mid-September. Amazing.

Hey ESPN – why do you make your videos embeddable if you’re just going to expire them after a couple of days? Please re-think this.