Justin.tv On Local News in San Francisco

Image hosted by ImageShackA local news station in San Francisco called KPIX ran a story on Justin.tv tonight. This is a big step towards mainstream success for this ambitious project. I’m just wondering what he’s going to do with that video feed if he needs to travel on a plane to be on a national talk show. Maybe have a guest Justin fill in?

3 thoughts on “Justin.tv On Local News in San Francisco

  1. Ryan

    A guest Justin would be great. Janet.TV, one hopes. Then again, the need to travel actually creates more opportunity for content: Road trip!

    Caught the news report from Justin’s Twitter, then tuned in as he and his crew arrived back at their apartment to deal with the aftermath of a DOS attack. The most interesting part of the evening was a telephone interview that was fishing for website traffic numbers.

    To hear them discuss site stats while trying not to discuss site stats was immensely entertaining.

  2. mdoeff Post author

    Yeah, I also heard that interview about the web site traffic numbers. I t was also fascinating to watch the complete, unedited interview as it was happening live a few hours before it aired. You could listen in on the small talk with the camera woman (was he hitting on her?), talking about the camera angles that they were using, etc. With that first person view, it really makes you feel like you’re the one being interviewed. That’s why I think this thing is taking off like it is. His fans are helping him to promote this show and there’s a real feeling of shared success as he gains more and more notoriety.

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