links for 2008-09-29

  • "At first glance this parallel society has been made, quite literally, in the image of our own. But in truth it's more like a Photoshopped image — the nice parts accentuated, the inappropriate bits cropped away. So it goes with any online community, of course. Behavior must be moderated and a communal ethos must be preserved; Wild West cliches aside, total freedom at any entity like this would sink it in a storm of lawsuits, flame wars and gridlocked cacophony. So directors of community exist. And while the job of nurturing and policing any online realm would make for a fascinating study, I was particularly curious about how it worked at Flickr."
  • (tags: webtools)
  • Now rumors are flying around the Net about a new device, with Apple retailers being asked to return their existing Apple TVs by Sept. 30 and mysterious placeholder SKUs showing up in Futureshop’s inventory system.