links for 2009-03-03

  • "We ask our readers to pay for their subscriptions on the Kindle today, and we must begin doing the same thing on the iPhone and other advanced smart phones and reading devices that allow us to create a user experience worth paying for. We also need to make our paid product available through the Internet for those who prefer to read it that way. And we must innovate to constantly enhance the reading and advertising experience on these platforms."
  • "One emailer to the Chronicle's Chuck Nevius the other day, who cc'ed me, said he was "not interested in receiving the paper itself" but he would be "willing to pay to help you and your colleagues" continue performing journalism. "How can I contribute to the revenue flow of the Chronicle without receiving the actual paper?" Now there's a guy and a model a P&L publisher could love."
  • "San Francisco’s treasured tiki bar, is now up and running with a petition that folks can sign to ask the city to preserve the bar."

    The Save the Tonga Room! Facebook group now has 1700+ members, and plans an event this Friday to organize and show up en masse at the Nob Hill bar in full tiki regalia.