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UCSB Soccer Championship Celebration – Only in Isla Vista

My alma mater UCSB doesn’t have a great history of success when it comes to sports. Sure, we do pretty well at diving, water polo, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee but it isn’t too often that we have something to celebrate. A couple of weeks ago the Gauchos soccer team upset UCLA and won the national championship. The Gauchos celebrated this rare national championship in a very unique way. They carried the goal out of Harder Stadium (the game wasn’t even played there; it was played in St. Louis), carried it across Isla Vista (half a mile???), threw the goal over the cliffs down to the beach, and finally, threw the goal into the ocean. The mob was singing O-le, O-le O-le O-le, GAUCHOS, GAUCHOS the whole time. All I can say is: Only in Isla Vista!

Into the ocean!