Marina Girl defined

Saw this on SFist: There is a hilarious description of the “Marina Girl” on Wikipedia. The definition is very elaborate. Here’s just a portion of it…

“…When a Marina Girl turns 30, as the majority of the population is, she goes from being known as a Marina Girl, aka Turf, and is now a “Cougar” [2]. A few places in the Marina with a high saturation of Cougars are Balboa Cafe, Cozmo’s, the California Wine Merchant, and the aforementioned Marina Safeway.”

The definition of the Marina Male is equally brutal:

“He usually wears the fashions found in Banana Republic, The Gap, or Ralph Lauren. Collared, stripey dress shirts, with varying patterned cuff usually worn tucked-into pants during the week are usually kept untucked on weekends (aka The Marina Party Shirt), in conjunction with a pair of casual Diesel Jeans, Seven, AG or True Religion jeans or zipper sweaters.”