Battle on Wikipedia over Marina Girl definition

A couple of months ago, I posted something about a couple of funny definitions of the Marina Girl and Marina Guy on Wikipedia. Well, I was trying to show this to someone today and I saw that someone has taken the liberty of deleting the definitions. I checked out the Wikipedia change log for this entry and noticed that there has been quite a battle going on with people deleting the definitions and other people adding them back in. Come on people, can’t we just agree to keep the definitions in place?
On a related note, as I was going through the change log I noticed a definition for the “Marina Child”:

If the denizens of the Marina do not fall into the category above (single), they are married and possess one child. The Marina child is less than 5 years of age and often responds to such names as “Cole”, “Spencer”, “Madison” or “Dakota”. Last names as first names or geographical locations to which either Marina parent has never been are currently all the rage. The Marina child can be found on any weekend morning being pushed or carried by either parent down Chestnut or Union Streets.

Photo by Flickr user Thomas Hawk