11 thoughts on “Cat Power – How Can I Tell You?

  1. Jeremiah

    I hope they do the full cover and release this song.In the past they did covers for other commercials and never released them.This one is getting alot of buzz on the internet alot of people like it.This song was oringally sung by Lani Hall and Cat Stevens did the cover.

  2. mdoeff Post author

    I’ve heard a rumor that they will be putting out an album of cover songs next year. The other song that they did for a commercial is “Hanging on the Telephone”. See the commercial here.

  3. brian

    I heard she didnt even cut the whole song, she only did a 30 second bit just for the commercial. She should redo the whole thing, it would make a killing unless of course there’s some kind of copyright issue with Cat Stevens

  4. Amadna

    I WANT THIS SONG!!! Mabye I’m just a hopeless romantic, but I connot get enough of this song. But 30 seconds just doesn’t do it for me. I hope she recorded the whole song.

  5. Camille

    O gosh. I agree I been looking everywhere. The Cat Stevens’ voice doesn’t do it for me

  6. Ree Ree

    YEAH! I loVE LOVVVVE this song….especially sung by Powers…but i want it without the chime and rustling in the background from the commercial—dangit. Hopefully she does the full song…SOON!!!

  7. liv

    omg i know, that background noise and the shortness bugs me so bad! pleaseeee let her do the whole song and release it!!

  8. christine

    I need her to do the full cover. Something in me is missing, and I am pretty sure it is the rest of this song.

  9. cbleuluver

    i LOVE that song and i’m glad that i figured out the name of it and who sings it…thnx 4 the help everyone

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