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links for 2011-03-16 – The internet is over (The Guardian)

  • “If Web 2.0 was the moment when the collaborative promise of the internet seemed finally to be realised with ordinary users creating instead of just consuming, on sites from Flickr to Facebook to Wikipedia – Web 3.0 is the moment they forget they’re doing it.”

links for 2010-08-20 – Facebook Places (TechCrunch)

  • “…the fact that so many had checked-in on day one of the service is impressive. That’s the power of Facebook’s social graph. It’s a graph that none of the current location players can touch even if you added all of their users together and multiplied them by twenty. Facebook is going to bring location to the mainstream by virtue of their size alone.”

Marc Benioff – The future of computing looks like Twitter

Many companies haven’t realized this is where things are headed, he said. Benioff recounted attending meetings with chief information officers who all refused to believe that Twitter represents anything significant; they don’t have accounts themselves because “it’s not their generation.” Benioff’s response? He types the name of their company into Twitter search and shows that they’re missing out on a huge part of the conversation. 

links for 2009-05-31

Until recently, Facebook might have been more likely to be viewed as a barrier to getting a job. Cautionary tales circulate of job offers rescinded after an employer discovered unseemly content on an applicant’s Facebook page. Social network users have been advised to sanitize their personal pages when job hunting, lest potential employers spot an inappropriate photo or comment.
But now more personal pages, profiles and social networks are serving as fodder for companies looking to fill jobs. To mine its employees’ social networking contacts for potential hires, a business can pay for services from companies like Appirio or Jobvite, whose service Mr. Kennedy used.