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Nikon D70 dust spot rant

I’m feeling the need to rant about the Nikon Service department. A couple of months ago, I encountered the dreaded dust spot issue on my Nikon D70. I decided to send the camera in to Nikon Service for a sensor cleaning because I wasn’t comfortable with doing this myself. Fifty dollars (this is not covered under the warranty) and 6 weeks later I get the camera back. I take some test photos… and discover that the dust spot problem just got worse!!! Are there any other Nikon owners out there who have had a similar problem with Nikon Service??? And for those of you who are digital SLR users who change lenses from time to time, have you ever experienced the dust spot issue?>> discussion thread on Flickr

2/1/05 Update:

I spoke with Nikon about this and they were very responsive. They sent me a UPS shipping label and they will re-do the cleaning for free. I’m still not happy with the results of the initial cleaning but at least they are making good on this. In the future I’m going to try out the do-it-yourself approach using the cleaning kit that was mentioned in the Flickr thread.

Nikon D70 dust spot rant

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