iTunes 2 billion songs purchased on a graph

Last February, I posted a graph showing the growth of the iTunes music store. Back then the big news was that Apple had sold their one billionth song. Lost in the shuffle of Steve Jobs’ huge announcements at MacWorld yesterday was the news that Apple recently sold their 2 billionth song on iTunes. That’s another billion songs in less than a year. So much for the recent speculation that iTunes sales are slowing. Here’s the updated graph…


Songs Purchased (millions)


05/15/2003 1 Apple
06/23/2003 5 Apple
09/8/2003 10 Apple
12/15/2003 25 Apple
03/15/2004 50 Apple
07/12/2004 100 CNN
12/16/2004 200 Apple
07/18/2005 500 Apple
02/24/2006 1000 Apple
01/09/2007 2000 Apple

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