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Was Someone Just Hired on Twitter???

Interesting. Earlier today, on Twitter sent out a request for help to the “Twitterati”:

Looking for someone to help scale the site STAT. Will seriously pay you a suitcase full of cash.

Within 3 hours, they had received over 100 responses:

Justin: thanks for all the support! we’ve had like a hundred people offer help!

I’m not sure how many of the responses were from the 325 people who are currently following him on Twitter but I’d say that 100 responses in a few hours is a great response for a job posting that took all of 10 seconds to post.

This is why I think Twitter has an opportunity to challenge craigslist. This was a very efficient, targeted classified ad. It took little effort, it didn’t cost anything (these types job postings can cost a couple hundred dollars). Is this considered spam or is this an effective use of a new communication platform? Should Twitter get compensated in some way if this request resulted in finding someone for the job?

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