Week of 11/21/11 – Tech News Roundup

It was a light news week because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here’s the video for the new Google Search iPad app:

Week of 11/14/11 – Tech News Roundup

Apple and Google made major music announcements this week. Apple finally rolled out iTunes Match and Google made Google Music available to everyone and opened up a Music Store. Amazon started shipping the Kindle Fire.

Google Music

The introductory video from Google:

 iTunes Match

iDownloadBlog.com created this iTunes Match Ultimate Walkthrough.

Kindle Fire

Amazon shipped the Kindle Fire earlier this week. Kevin Tofel from GigaOm has a good write-up on the mixed reviews for this product.

Positive reviews:

Negative reviews:
Other news this week

Week of 11/7/11 – Tech News Roundup

Google launched Google+ Pages to allow companies and brands to connect with their customers. Danny Sullivan (SearchEngineLand) wrote a thorough overview. You can create a new Google+ page here.

This is the introductory video from Google:

Many people were excited about this announcement, but there were some critics. Some common complaints were:

My take? Hopefully the Google+ team is listening closely and will address these issues in the near future.
If you’re looking for companies & brands to circle on Google+, just type in “+” followed by the brand name in the Google+ search box. Here are some brands that I’ve circled:
Google+This Week In Tech (TWiT)TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, MashableNPR, NPR Fresh AirThe New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, WIREDSan Francisco Giants. If you’re a business looking to get started with Google Pages, Google has set up a page called Google+ Your Business with tips for setting up a Google+ Page.


Other Tech News This Week