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Week of 11/14/11 – Tech News Roundup

Apple and Google made major music announcements this week. Apple finally rolled out iTunes Match and Google made Google Music available to everyone and opened up a Music Store. Amazon started shipping the Kindle Fire.

Google Music

The introductory video from Google:

 iTunes Match created this iTunes Match Ultimate Walkthrough.

Kindle Fire

Amazon shipped the Kindle Fire earlier this week. Kevin Tofel from GigaOm has a good write-up on the mixed reviews for this product.

Positive reviews:

Negative reviews:
Other news this week

iTunes 3 billion songs purchased on a graph

It took a little less than a year to go from 1 billion to 2 billion songs sold on iTunes.  It took a little over six months to go from 2 billion to 3 billion songs sold.  Will we see 4 billion songs sold by the end of the year?


Songs Purchased (millions)


05/15/2003 1 Apple
06/23/2003 5 Apple
09/8/2003 10 Apple
12/15/2003 25 Apple
03/15/2004 50 Apple
07/12/2004 100 CNN
12/16/2004 200 Apple
07/18/2005 500 Apple
02/24/2006 1000 Apple
01/09/2007 2000 Apple
07/31/2007 3000 Apple

Analysis elsewhere:

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