Tracking the quake on Twitter – part 3

The information flow on Twitter is slowing down. Here’s the last part of the transcript. I think I missed some between parts 2 and 3.

Earlier transcripts: Part 1, Part 2.

(ChristianDeVera): 5.6 earthquake wasn’t a big deal. i didnt even feel it, maybe coz i was watching Spiderman 3
(DYbarra): just had an earthquake here — my 1st. i didn’t really feel it but saw some items in my house swaying. hope the big one doesn’t hit tonight.
(GlennF): I don’t follow enough people on Twitter to have figured out there was a quake until 9.54 pm
(patrickf23): earthquake! i was in an elevator! whew!
(jay_ramos): mmmmm…. earthquake….
(flips): Didn’t feel the earthquake, although my roommate did
(fernfern): was holding a bunch of cilantro when earthquake started…the cilantro felt it too…not me alone…dizzy a bit…
(amyjokim): reading about the Bay Area quake, sending happy thoughts to our many Bay Area friends
(artisan949): @jaydedman congrats on the earth quake survival man. did you duck and cover?
(CreativeSage): Glad we weren’t carving pumpkins when the earthquake hit—shaky sharp knives and lots of pulp spewing all over the place![nose wink]
(mmayo): Didn’t feel the earthquake at all. Weird.
Sent at 9:58 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (hirodusk): 5.8 earthquake, and one of the people in my office asks “Is that a train passing by?”
(abie): quake was totally mild and unscary up on the hill here
(noor): i totally didn’t feel the earthquake – maybe because I was at the gym?
(zittrain): My first earthquake!
(rangercraig): So, you missed your first earthquake… @NickStarr
Sent at 10:01 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (NaokiHIYAMA): Earthquake Shaked me. size was M5.6.not so strong,no tunami,no damage.but TV changed programe and broadcasting breakingnews…..
(rangercraig): @NickStarr So, you missed your first earthquake…
(deebeedee): @clickmomukhamo Hehe, that’s what Twitter’s for! (but I don’t know what I’d do if the quake was any stronger)
(Jenguin): Trying to finish making cupcakes… since the first batch was damaged because of the earthquake!
(nicolelee): Disturbed that @sfquake reported the quake more than an hour after it happened! I’m un-following you, buddy.
(s4xton): Holy crap, this photo makes the earthquake look devastating: ( via
(dialect): “I was eating oysters, and when the oysters started moving, I knew something was wrong.” — Man on the street interview about the earthquake
(gwachob): #earthquake on calaveras fault line
(gwachob): #earthquake on calaveras fault line – hayward is the one we have to worry about
(CraigFaulk): Nice little quake here in the bay area 5.6 magnitude around 8:04pm – Epicenter Alum Rock (Near San Jose)
(mim): Earthquake earlier felt like vibrating bed
(dannysullivan): and how did i not feel that quake here at SFO? weird (and sad, i missed a quake!)
(dsearls): Hard for a geology freak like me not to write aboiut the quake:
(kitchen): ok, so there’s a 5.6 earthquake in SF area, right. kcal9 thinks some stupid cheerleader getting runover by a football team is better news.
(Ryanne): 5.4 quake, first one that we felt since moving here…shouldn’t say it, but man it was cool!
(scottpargett): Another earthquake just hit. Always a sharp reminder of where I live.
(edithfrost): There was an earthquake? I didn’t feel anything here in Albany…
(booboolina): @jimhutchison: I’m ok, sounds like everyone else is ok too. it was just a rockin’ and a rollin’ quake. thanks!
(jbergen): I wait for an earthquake for four years and as soon as I leave, one happens. Where’s the justice?
(brianleroux): @andrecharland two words for ya: iphone sdk
(CoyotePace): @Chrysocolla — Sal felt the quake too, over in Fremont.
(joshleejosh): my first bay area earthquake, and I didn’t even feel it. I need to pay better attention.
(sugamjain): Quake!
loiclemeur: Seesmic day 21 is up Seesmic day 21: Where is Loic?
(cariberry): 5.6 earthquake in San Jose
(GGJeffy): 5.6 quake…bruised my hand and jammed shoulder bracing in doorway from house moving to and fro.
(kesava): ppl, plz hold ur earthquake tweets till I come back from dinner. [grin]
(stony): @AndreCharland I never realized crack heads were so quick.
(danakin): Hoping that the CA folks are alright and aren’t affected by the earthquake
(beach): shoulda hit twitter sooner about the quake… duh. felt much smaller than a 5.6 here in santa cruz… yawn.
(Ryanne): tracking the quake on twitter
(mailien): Still a little queezy from the earthquake…
Sent at 10:12 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (stevenf): Can we all agree not refer to the earthquake as a “temblor”
(BigReg): Phil Eugenio is right on the money it was a 5.7 quake.
(markdotto): Holy crap! I was sleeping, but woke up to feel that earthquake, but feel back to sleep. My mom emailed me to see if I was OK. E-mail? Thx Ma
Sent at 10:14 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (kurrik): EARTHQUAKE STATUS UPDATE – BBQ Sauce, Relish untouched, Tabasco Chipotle and Mayonnaise DOWN! OH, THE HUMANITY
(stevenf): Can we all agree not to refer to the earthquake as a “temblor”
Sent at 10:16 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (ses5909): so I get my news from twitter that there was an earthquake. I was sleeping though, I have an excuse
(sneakeryip): Someone just whispered to me that there was a quake but where was the shakes?
(yndygo): Sending good thoughts to all my earthquake suffering friends in the bay area, may the damage be minimal if any… 5.6? Good one you guys!!
Sent at 10:18 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (dalmaer): sitting through his first earthquake without apparantely noticing it.
(dingostewart): Called my daughter Erin in the Bay Area. She said she didn’t even feel the quake. I hope all my friends are fine–and happy it wasn’t l …
Sent at 10:19 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (dingostewart): I’m happy the quake in the Bay Area wasn’t like the Loma Linda quake of 1989! Was there, & didn’t like it one bit!