Tracking the quake on Twitter

I’ve been tracking “quake” and “earthquake” on Twitter. There was a continuous flow of information as soon at the quake hit.

9:14 pm Update:
Wanna see more? Part 2 of this transcript is here.

10:31 pm Update:
Part 3 is here. That’s all folks!

10/31/2007 Update:
Just wanted to clarify that the start of this transcript was about a minute after the quake – i.e. this does not include the very first tweets. According to @laughingsquid, @sofia was the first person to post to twitter about this quake (interview with the internet-famous Sofia here).

twitter: andykaufman: earthquake nice shaker in the mission/noe
elatable: Huge earthquake in East Bay
mintigal: Just felt our first tremor, very slight, but like a big rig riding past
me: Track quake
twitter: You’ll now receive updates matching ‘quake’. To stop, send ‘untrack quake’.
sacca: Earthquake!!!!! Woohoo!!
me: track earthquake
twitter: (joshtynjala): Just felt my first quake. That was awesome!
You’ll now receive updates matching ‘earthquake’. To stop, send ‘untrack earthquake’.
briancaldwell: my whole building just shifted
(oscarjr): omg! did u feel the quake?
(sallypnut): Whoa. Hello, earthquake.
(krob): Earthquake in the Bay Area!
(tychay): Earthquake. Sweet.
(vglshn): An earthquake has my cat on edge.
(chipotlecoyote): Earthquake. Fascinating.
(trevor_m_wilson): earthquake in Berkeley
(jimgoldstein): Earthquake in SF
(rcrowley): Earthquake!
(jonk): earthquake!!!!
(MizLit): Earthquake!
(Golabutron): Earthquake!
(malerin): EARTHQUAKE
Nymo: OMG, Earthquake
(jakeludington): Anyone else feel an earthquake in the South Bay about now?
(lloydgomez): Modesto just had an earthquake! Yikes…..
(shawnbot): Whee, earthquake!
(sct): earthquake??
(homesliced): a little shaken from my 1st SF earthquake
(Fenchurch): Whoa, violent earthquake. Not the rolling kind, but a shaky one.
(stevepm): Hello earthquake, welcome to my dinner party.
(hizKNITS): earthquake?
(bernie): wow. best quake yet!
(synergist): Earthquake!
(deebeedee): WOW, we just had an earthquake!!
(aliciarenee): Earthquake! and haus still stands. huzzah.
(abhaykumar): Whoah. Anyone else just feel that? My first earthquake!
(mjyazzie): Earthquake!!!!!
(head_zoo_keeper): that was a pretty big earthquake — a fore-shock?
(lhalff): Quake!
(mpeachey): Earthquake. San mateo. Decent size. Lasted 15i20 seconds.
(dan_mcweeney): That was either a small earthquake or a big ass truck.
(romeroax): Earthquake?
(catcubed): earthquake! Long and fairly strong one too.
(AnthonyBaker): Cripes! That was a big earthquake.
leahculver: earthquake!
(mat): Wow! Big quake!
(dialect): WHOA, we just had a crazy earthquake here!!!
(lisapadilla): earthquake
(scottchaile): We just had a big earthquake!
(shirasade): Wowza – earthquake! I guess I really am in California…
(askpang): Just had an earthquake! Not big enough to knock anything over, but big enough to make the house shake.
(bigepaz): Earthquake?
(misskaren): hmmm earthquake. guessing high 4, 4.8
(radioluxembourg): earthquake?
(odannyboy): EARTHQUAKE!
(goodwillstacy): Earthquake!
(SlightlySasha): Jesus. Earth quake!!
(jonchan): earthquake?
(Frang): significant quake just hit. Don’t know size just yet. Lasted a long time too
(kurtbrockett): whoa…..earthquake
(booboolina): Earthquake! And a long one at that.
(DylanThawt): woah, just felt a gnarly earthquake.
(donpark): whoa. a long earthquake
(kevindente): Earthquake!
(halletecco): earthquake
(kenn): Earthquake!
(musicalholiday): Whoa. Earthquake!
(bsii): earthquake.
(rickyromero): Holy shit, that quake spooked me.
(samuraiBSD): woah, mild quake in Oakland…anyone else feel that (if you’re in the Bay Area, that is)
(caffeina): Earthquake or whatever. NOT BAD.
(torrez): Big quake.
(shaper): Serious earthquake in SF a second ago, I actually got under my desk.
(thomashan): major earthquake in the Bay Area, CA!
(caffeined): Whoa! Good size earthquake just now.
(someToast): The first one not so much, but this quake I noticed.
(yoandrocky): earthquake!!
(PamK): Rumbles of something like an earthquake here in Hillsborough, CA
(rafer): earthquake in the mission! 4.4?
(jdaisy): earthquake
(whatman75): Woah! Nothing like a little earthquake to go along with my walk home
(gils9965): Woohoo. Mini earthquake. I thought I had too much to drink.
(mtanne): Wow. BIG earthquake. Lastest a long time.
(Quikchange): Earthquake! It was my first one since moving to California. I was hoping that shit would fall down and none did though [frown]
(raynbow_me): We just had one HELL of an earthquake
(theleftcoast): just experienced a rather lengthy yet mild earthquake. The apartment building was swaying.
(trishC): That was an earthquake…..yep, whole building moved….. a bit freaky…. yeah…
(csoriano): Holy shite. In Gilroy at an Arby’s. EARTHQUAKE JUST NOW!!! Crazy. Everything seems to be ok.
(labspaz): I am missing Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin… Cause of work… ;( and we just had an earthquake…
(mikecreighton): A little put off by the earthquake that just happened. So was Rexie.
(aki_wah): my first earthquake in the new apartment!

16 thoughts on “Tracking the quake on Twitter

  1. Andy Kaufman

    nice one Mike!

    i started chuckling when i was firing that first tweet off and thought of how many others were doing the same

    this quake was well twittered.

  2. Cyclelicious

    I thought the same thing as Andy as I twittered the quake from my home in Santa Cruz County. It was very noticeable here, so it must been sizable over in the East Bay.

  3. mdoeff Post author

    What’s funny is this blog post is already getting decent traffic from Google, just minutes after I posted it.

  4. mdoeff Post author

    Bradley – yes, it was amazing that the tweets started in real-time when the shaking started. Unbelievable.

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  7. thomashan

    I was pretty impressed myself after I twittered about the Bay Area earthquake (I got tracked by you above).

    Twitter is where I get lots of news nowadays, much faster than any major media

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  9. dotBen

    I’m so proud of my wife Sofia for twittering first!!!

    And to agree with the points made above, twitter is so useful during breaking news events.

    I just hope Twitter, and it’s dependent services (internet trunking, wireless carriers,etc ) stay up if/when the “big one” comes.


  10. Mike Doeff

    @thestand – That’s what’s kind of scary about this. If a mild quake like this one generated this kind of response what will it be like when the big one hits? To dotBen’s point, will the infrastructure for this type of messaging hold up? There is also the issue of lots of noise and not too much signal on all of the quake chatter that was going on.

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